I've been using a Pixel 2 since it's release last year and it's been fun using Android operating system with a lot of customization options and an amazing voice assistant. With the latest iOS 12 release I wanted to give iPhone another try. One of the first things I noticed was the screen, the Pixel 2 has 441 ppi vs the iPhone 7 Plus 401 ppi density, even with higher density and AMOLED on the Pixel 2 the iPhone IPS LCD screen looks amazing! The only thing I dislike is the size, the device is too big for one handed use.

For a 2016 device the iPhone runs circles around my 2017 Pixel 2, the Pixel 2 is an Octa-core device with 4GB of RAM and the iPhone 7 Plus has a Quad-Core Apple A10 Fusion processor with 3GB of RAM. Apple does an excellent job handling background processes without the need to close any application to "save memory", something that has always worried me with Android since I had my Nexus One, sometimes I felt I had to reboot my Pixel 2 just to "free up" some memory. Apps on the iPhone 7 Plus launch faster, don't get stuck 99% of the time and the overall system stability feels running at peak performance. One perfect example is Android Auto, sometimes I had to reboot the Pixel 2 before connecting the USB-C cable because it takes too long to launch the app and start using it for navigation, on the iPhone it just launches faster and can be used right away. I have never felt the need to reboot the iPhone to "save memory" or achieve system stability.

Apple A10

One of the main reasons why I got a Pixel 2 was the camera, Nokia's PureView technology introduced the best cameras in the industry, but sadly their Windows Phone partnership and Microsoft acquisition ended an era of one of the best imaging teams. Google introduced "machine learning" to their devices with the Pixel 2, in my opinion just another way to name PureView oversampling on their camera, it does feel like a Nokia engineered camera but without all the manual controls found on Nokias. Even Steve Litchfield made a side by side comparison with the Lumia 950, both cameras had similar results (the Lumia 950 was launched in 2015).

In 2014 Apple snagged Ari Partinen from Nokia, since then I knew Apple would improve their cameras with "Nokia Quality", I'm not sure if Ari took part on the iPhone 7 Plus but it does produce very nice photos with natural colors. Sometimes I wonder what if Nokia kept the imaging teams and improved their PureView technology with double lenses! HMD has taken over Nokia devices, they're bringing back PureView, it seems to be just the brand with ZEISS lenses but it's interesting how this is going to shape the future for their Android devices.

Taken with iPhone 7 Plus, no editing

iOS 12 feels like a more complete experience than the last version I was using, it did bring Google Maps and Waze for CarPlay and using HomeKit to control my lights is way easier than launching the Philips Hue app on my Android. Having a semi-physical home button is better than one on the screen in my opinion. I do miss the always on stand by screen, it reminds me of my old Nokias but lifting the iPhone to see notifications feels like an intuitive approach.

iOS 12 Control Center
Google Maps for CarPlay

As a rant I don't really like what Apple is doing with the "notch" and the rest of the industry just following the same, I'd rather have a big piece of bezel on top. With the last iPhone event I was impressed at the new iPhone lineup going from billions of operations on the A11 chip to trillions on the new A12 chip. Sadly all the new devices carrying the A12 chip have a notch... But a potential candidate for "my next" is the iPhone XR, the colors remind me of Nokia's Lumia flagship devices.